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Bryony had nodded sagely at Sandra’s first remark and laughed at her second, before replying with a “S-sure, no worries” as Sandra went to grab some ice cream of her own. She watched her friend disappear inside the parlour, scarf fluttering with every step. It was, in Bryony’s eyes, quite miraculous how Sandra managed to seem completely unconcerned by the heat. She played sports all year round, and only seemed to be separated from her scarf on the hottest days of summer.

Really, it was another thing Bryony admired about Sandra. The apparent heat resistance was just a start; she held herself with a self-confidence and poise that Bryony could only dream of having. People liked Sandra, often instantly, and whilst Bryony could see the huge leaps she’d made in terms of her social life, there were still people she’d known for years that – well, ‘knowing about one another’ was the extent of their relationship. Sometimes, approaching a new person was like covering your head in barbeque sauce and sticking it in a lion’s mouth.

Bryony let out a wistful sigh, and turned back to look at the empty chair in front of her. She was getting there, though; that was the important part. There was no point in beating herself up just because Sandra was able to gain friends more easily than her. That was just how the world worked when one person was energetic and the other was... well, not.

Bryony pushed her train of thought to the current topic at hand; keeping Sandra’s chair available. She guessed she could just... watch it to make sure no-one took it, but what if someone just came along and sat there because, hey; free seat! If it was a stranger, then Bryony doubted she would be able to muster up the courage to shoo them away. Maybe she should put her feet on the seat instead?

Stretching her legs out as far as they could reach, Bryony was just about able to touch the edge of the seat with the tips of her toes whilst still keeping an upright position. No, that wouldn’t be worth the extra hassle. She’d just have to give her most menacing glare to any would be chair stealers.

Although that was more akin to an angry kitten than anything else.


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