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(Adelaide Walker: Pregame START)

Adelaide had walked into the café hankering for an afternoon snack. Her grandmother had a doctor's appointment that day, so she had decided to walk home from school. However, she was annoyed at how winded she was by the time she passed main street, and decided Vacanti's would be a suitable rest stop. She preferred the establishment in terms of food better than the more popular Cheryl's. The first time she and her family had gone there, her father too exhausted from the move to make dinner, both Adelaide and her mother had gotten food poisoning. An incredible welcome Kingman, Arizona. Cheryl's, the best restaurant in miles, as long as you don't order the shrimp! Such irony. After that Vacanti's ended up the usual first choice when her family went out to eat.

The girl focused back on the current situation at hand, as Alvaro Vacanti slid across the counter and asked for her order. He was an upperclassman of hers, and always friendly and polite. The perfect host for a restaurant, but part of that disposition could get on Adelaide's nerves. Nevertheless, he was the one who could get her a meal, and she was not going to be one of those fussy customers that complained about every little thing.

"I would like a glass of ice water, and could you tell me today's specials?" she replied, tossing her braid back, which had rested against the side of her neck during the walk over. It was times like this she wanted to get her hair cut short.

Version 6
Adelaide Walker-N/A
V6 Pregame: 1-2
Image Song: TV on the Radio- Wolf Like Me

Frederick "Rick" Brea- N/A
V6 Pregame: 1-2
Image Song: SOHN- Artifice

Version 5
(G006) Rosemary Michaels- Butterfly Knife: "H-h-heh..."- DECEASED
V5 Game:
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