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Still gasping for air, Alice watched Irene suddenly return to the track. She kind of envied the other girl's comparative athleticism, though even Alice could tell that she was not running at peak performance.

Wait, did she just call her 'Alicia'?

Well...okay then. At least Irene's intentions were good, though Alice struggled to keep a straight face as the other girl approached and warned her. Alice nodded, still somewhat winded, and replied, "Thanks." The two didn't know each other well (Irene was not exactly in Alice's crowd, and vise-versa), but at least she knew of her. Sort of.

Then she started running, or rather, walked briskly. Alice had learned her lesson; attempting to keep up with the pack was a pipe dream. So instead, she tried to make as much haste as seemed reasonable for someone with next to no stamina. Irene stayed next to her, which was really sweet of her since otherwise Alice would've been dead last by a large margin. Alice hesitated for a moment, trying to weigh the risk of offending the other girl versus actually having people know her name.

"It's Alice, actually."
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