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“Baby, I'm just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake, I shake it off, shake it off.”

((Alvaro Vacanti: Begin))

Alvaro was currently sitting on the counter of the café, moving his leg and humming along with the music. This happened to be a song that appeared on the radio commonly, and he was able to familiarize himself enough with the song to know all the lyrics. He liked it, in particular noting the instrumentation as something that kept itself in his ears long after listening to it. It wasn’t his favourite of the rotation of songs, though; that “Uptown Funk” song did what this song was trying to do better, and it seemed that his close friends agreed. Both songs seemed to have taken the world by storm. He wondered if either song would end up being forgotten, as many others had. He shrugged at himself. Time would likely give him the answer, plus, there were more important things to do now, the other students would likely be arriving soon, and he’d need to be prepared for them.

Plus, the song had at this point ended, and gone on to somebody talking. Now was a time as ever to get motivated.

He looked around, at the café, the tables, the empty chairs. He smiled, slightly. This was the place that shaped his life, changed it. It allowed him to start his life in riches, gave him an education. It made him move to Kingman, caused the paranoia to start. He tried to improve, to get out of that cycle, but it got worse. It seemed, that every time he talked to a person, he kept questioning why they were talking to him, and what motives they had. He sometimes thought that people hated him, were just lying to him to keep up their appearances and take advantage of his father’s café. It probably wasn’t true, that’s what he kept telling himself, he was being paranoid and he shouldn’t have to worry; but the thought kept coming back into his mind, like a-




He jumped out of the counter, and got the notepad and pen from next to him. He clicked it, saw the point came up. The first customers were here, and he had to be ready for them.

The door opened.

Breathe in, breathe out.


“Heya, welcome to Vacanti's! What can I do for you today?”

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