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May 8 2015, 07:20 AM


Can't comment on knowing her through Irene until I've got that settled but Nate wouldn't have had a tutor due to the family being on a tight budget. Also honestly I'd prefer it if she hadn't tried to flirt with him, so for the most part let's just leave these two unintroduced for now.

She was a volunteer tutor for the most part but that's fine, they can always have never met.

Vanessa does do drugs and I imagine she drinks too, so that might be awkward for Irene. However, I can see what you mean about their personalities merging together whilst clashing at the same time, and I think there could be an interesting relationship there.

Not awkward, she has Asimah as an older sister. Irene at most might occasionally nag which might be one of the ways their mutually bullish personalities butt heads.

They totally could have met through parties. Vanessa does NOT appreciate girls flirting with her though, so that'd probably put an end to it there and then unless Asimah backed off, and even then it might still be awkward.

Asimah lays off the moment anyone tells her to, but if Vanessa would be uncomfortable with her in the future that's fine, she'd be given space.
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