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- So I could see him and Irene having quite the history. They were probably elementary school friends, she would have been super friendly, might have been initially hard to stomach but she'd have stayed the course. She'd be protective of him, and eventually she does join him in both soccer and theater, at least for a time, and she'd probably still see him after school occasionally in those activities through her informal association with both. I'm curious about how he'd react to her anti-theism tendencies and opinions as she hit high school though. They both seem like the sort who mutually can't let go of friends due to stubbornness from different sources. Maybe they can get argumentative or he quietly dislikes her sometimes?

I can see them having been pals in elementary school, particularly if she got to him before his bullying problem started in the fourth grade, and I can see them being soccer and theater club buddies too. Her anti-theism tendancies might get on his nerves, depending on how pushy she is about them, but I don't think Nate's particularly bothered about people of other faiths so it shouldn't be a huge hurdle. Overall a nice casual friendship that's been going on a while is totally on the plate.

Asimah would have known Nate through Irene and she could have been one of his tutors in the past. How'd he have reacted to being flirted with? I can imagine it might be something of a confidence booster, even if he turns her down.

Can't comment on knowing her through Irene until I've got that settled but Nate wouldn't have had a tutor due to the family being on a tight budget. Also honestly I'd prefer it if she hadn't tried to flirt with him, so for the most part let's just leave these two unintroduced for now.

- If she ever met Irene I could see them getting along not necessarily due to shared interests but very shared lasseiz faire outlooks on life. They're both blessed with good lifestyles and getting their own ways, and I could see them bonding over spending sprees in LV or whatever, and Irene can be dragged out to parties even if she's not too much of a drinker or druggie. Sort of like, individually it doesn't seem like they'd get along but when put together their traits strike me as fitting together pretty well... That could also make them strong enemies as well though! Honestly dunno how to call this.

Vanessa does do drugs and I imagine she drinks too, so that might be awkward for Irene. However, I can see what you mean about their personalities merging together whilst clashing at the same time, and I think there could be an interesting relationship there.

- Asimah and Vanessa could meet through parties. Asimah would have flirted. Etc.

They totally could have met through parties. Vanessa does NOT appreciate girls flirting with her though, so that'd probably put an end to it there and then unless Asimah backed off, and even then it might still be awkward.
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