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Blah blah blah ascendency of the celestial bodies, as the world turned round deferentially on it's epicycles. As The World Turns, the latest episode. Our heroine Irene had all manner of contextually inappropriate and pretentious prose flourishing in her brain. It was only one last shrill broadside from Miss Ramsey that finally liberated Irene from her own scatterbrain self.

"Sorry!!" Irene went zero to sixty in the blink of an eye, nearly hurtled over herself in her eagerness to get her show back on the road. She hadn't even remembered to put her phone somewhere safe, she just ran with it held in a hand. In running she was obstinate, possibly ostentatious, definitely obtuse. Her form was hardly that of a runners, her speed was a matter of brute force as opposed to technique. Only her impressive energy levels prevented her from tiring out quickly with poor her control was, it was only a measly step above the ninja running of Naruto's heyday. Every single wobbly step put her in danger of tripping, her arms made her Don Quixote's windmills taking to flight across the battlefield.

She was catching up on a girl who so far had thankfully avoided Ramsey's strong glare. Irene thought knew all of her fellow girl's names by heart, so she called out:

"Alicia!" While Irene's memory was at least precise it had some want for accuracy. That went for those she actually spoke to regularly, never mind the girls like Alice who Irene only had the briefest of interactions with, usually in the form of the occasional awkward sideways glance while in the changing rooms. Irene couldn't help the wandering eye, that was her honest-to-goodness excuse. "Alicia, Miss Ramsey. Hurry up before she starts looking your way again!" It was a good Samaritan deed that Irene was instinctively trying to pull. Heaven knew poor Alicia- Alice?- would get chewed out by a merciless Miss Ramsey if she was seen not at least pretending to try.

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