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"Probably. I mean, I did decide to come here to get some ice cream," Sandra replied, finally lowering the scarf from her mouth. The heat never bothered Sandra as much as it did some other people, it seemed, which was why she was able to wear her scarf like this. In the summer, though? Forget that.

"See, yeah, I was going to get da cream, but I saw you, and I thought I'd try a magic trick that I saw on the Internet once. Levitating a person in the air," she said, switching to a flourish at the last sentence. Then she made an exaggerated thinking pose and continued, "I must have done something wrong though, 'cause it only worked for a few milliseconds."

Her smile returned at that statement.

She backed away a bit, before doing finger guns at Bryony.

"I'mma get me some of that sweet cream. Keep my spot open, 'kay?"

Then she headed into the store, fishing out her wallet.
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