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Bryony sighed and made a quiet disgruntled noise, as she spectacularly mistimed a jump, sending Shovel Knight face first into a cannonball and then into a bottomless pit. Bryony hated to brag, but she was fairly decent at platformers; she’d been playing them since she was about 10, after all. Yet she was still far from flawless, as proven by the little blue knight reappearing at the last checkpoint.

Bottomless pits were the bane of her gaming existence, and Bryony was just thankful they didn’t exist in real life. She didn’t even have the game’s music as a saving grace right now. She was in a public area, after all, and she didn’t want to be rude. Blaring music at full volume around people who probably wouldn’t care for it, no matter how good it was, was not how you made friends.

Bryony shuffled a little in her seat, adjusting for the movement of the sunlight, and prepared to start an attempt on this section of the level again.

Then she heard a voice directly in her ear and she felt her soul leave her body, which had itself leapt out of the chair in sheer terror and surprise.

Somehow having managed to hold on to her DS through all that, Bryony spun round to see who the perpetrator was. As it turned out, the culprit was one Sandra Dyer, a grin the Cheshire Cat would have been proud of plastered on her face.

“J-jeez, Sandra, that’s not cool! I’m gonna have grey hair by the time I’m twenty at this rate!”

Bryony tried to put on a serious tone, but she was no actor, and the broadening smile on her face gave the game away immediately. Sandra was her friend, even though they had almost zero shared interests; she was just so friendly and easygoing that it was almost impossible not to like her.

“Um... how’s it going?” Bryony asked, closing her DS and gesturing to the chair opposite her. “Is the heat, uh, affecting you as much as it is me?”


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