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Finally the bell rang granting Kimiko her freedom for Mrs Brown's class, something she was extremely grateful for. The amount she valued her lunch was far greater because of the class. Trigonometry would do that to you. It really made Kimiko appreciate people who actually enjoyed math, because they would have to deal with stuff like that all the time if they picked it as a degree. She inwardly shivered at the thought. It sounded horrific.

She was packing her things and preparing to make her way out when she heard Jerry call out. It took her a second to realise that he was talking to her. It was surprising; they never really spoke at all. She stopped and moved forward to where he was sitting. He had slumped almost all the way down his chair like some sort of melting person.

Oh. He was asking her why she hadn't spoken to get his attention and why she never talked much. Ohhhhh. That was awkward. Kimiko was caught off-guard by the fact Jerry apparently wasn't aware she was mute. She had thought it was common knowledge among her classmates. After all she was probably the only mute person in the entire grade. It was kind of embarrassing to be openly questioned about it again. She'd already been through it once when she'd first got to high school. To have to explain herself to a classmate in their senior year wasn't pleasant.

She held up her index finger in a way that said 'one sec' as she rooted through her pocket for her iPhone. She unlocked it with a quick slide of her finger and pressed the button for the notes widget. She'd moved it onto the dock for easy access; it was a necessity for her in terms of communication. Quickly tapping in the words Kimiko turned the screen round to face Jerry when she was done.

I'm mute. Physical injury.
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