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((Alice Baker continued from Hypotnuse Murder Mystery Case))

Alice was...not a fan of gym class. To be fair, it seemed gym class did not like her much either. With low stamina, strength, coordination and general lack of enthusiasm, gym class for Alice was ostensibly exercise, but really just an exercise in futility. Plus, Miss. Ramsey was one of those teachers who had blatant favorites, a trait Alice couldn't stand. Sure it hardly mattered in this case because there wasn't much anyone could do for Alice when it came to getting in shape, but at least make an attempt!

Besides, she never showed sympathy for Alice despite their similar size. Shorter people had shorter legs and couldn't run as fast, or so it should seem. So why expect Alice to keep up?

Speaking of attempts, running laps was probably going to be on Alice's obituary as cause of death. Making her way around the gym, Alice wheezed in a breath and attempted to slow to a walk or standstill only to be warned off by the teacher's stern glare that may or may not have actually been directed at her.

Panting, Alice stumbled, and for a glorious moment she wondered if she might faint and be rid of her need to keep running. Damn her stubborn desire to put effort into this! Alice was terribly jealous of Irene; they didn't know each other very well (Irene was much more sociable than Alice), but at least Irene was sitting down while Alice was not, and that seemed a marked improvement.

Then, of course, Miss Ramsay demonstrated her envy to be misplaced, and began calling Irene back to action. Alice winced at the teacher's piercing voice, but took advantage of Miss Ramsay's temporary distraction from the students to take a short rest, hands on knees, bent over in exhaustion, sweat beading on her face and gluing strands of blonde hair to her red face.

'Not a fan' was an understatement.
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