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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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The bell rang, and every muscle in Jerry's body turned to jello.

Slumping as liquid-like as he possibly could at his desk, Jerry breathed a sigh of relief, lazily watching classmate after classmate file out the door. "Hey, Kim," he called out. No sense in risking a jab at her real name and butchering it. "Why didn't you just whisper it back to me? Like, y'know, what I was talking to you about earlier? Would've been a helluva lot easier than passing a note."

Since the noise in the classroom had picked up so much with the end of the period, Jerry didn't bother so much with keeping things hush-hush. Heck, even if Mrs. Brown did overhear by some miracle, wasn't much she could do now, was there? Not catching them after the fact.

"Actually you never really talk much, do you?" He asked, hands tucked behind his head. "What gives? Why you so damn quiet?"
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