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Alice looked up from her seat, just as the boy who'd thrown the piece of paper at her walked by. "Oh, uh..." she said quietly as he requested the notes from her. She wasn't sure how to respond; after all, he'd kinda thrown a thing at her, and that didn't seem like the kind of behavior she should reward. Still, if he was asking politely, she might as well.

"Okay." She whispered back as he moved away, dropping a piece of paper on her desk in the meantime. Picking it up, she looked over the note, which was apparently intended for her. Alice wasn't used to getting notes in class. Reading it over, Alice smiled. He wasn't so bad, then. It was certainly sweet of him to apologize.

Returning the note to her backpack, Alice made sure to take detailed notes for the rest of the period with a smile.

((Alice Baker continued in Laws of Motion))
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