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Oh, he was reading Suicide Squad; it was alright. Although it couldn't hold a candle to Secret Six, something it was obviously trying to imitate. It was just average, which was both a compliment and criticism. Compared to some of DC's line-up it was fine but put it up there with the best of their current crop and it paled in comparison.

Unfortunately getting the answer to her question meant that Kimiko had to go back to paying attention to Mrs Brown, who was busy giving a drier lecture than the Saharan Desert. There was only so long Kimiko could stand to listen about triangles and how to figure out their angles. It didn't look like there was long left in the class though. That was good, lunch was next and Kimiko could go and meet up with some of her friends and chill out.

All she had to do was make it through the final few minutes. Her mind started to wonder, thinking ahead to when the next new releases were coming out and if there was anything in them she was interested in. If she had her dates right the new issue of Saga was supposed to be out either this week or the next. That would be one she needed to pick up. Saga was always good quality; it reminded her that she'd have to check when the next issue of East of West was coming out. That was something to do during lunch or when she got home.

She glanced up at the clock. There was still time left in the class. Kimiko sighed; it even like time was trying to keep her stuck in a world of sides and angles.
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