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Asher and Nate should be bros. I missed out on bro time with you last version. Let us bro time.

Soccer bros should absolutely knock each other's balls around.

Nate and Clarice would prolly get along really well. They both do track and theatre, they're both really enthusiastic and hard-working, and she's chill about people being clingy or nervous. And she'll verbally headbutt anyone who's an ass to him.

I feel like Danny and Vanessa would probably get along? Unless Danny asked her out and got a yes in which case it probably ended up badly. He's also honestly kind of a pushover when it comes to what other people want to do so there wouldn't be much clashing in her wanting to do stuff. (Arguments are hard, if he's uncomfortable enough he'll just escape.)

Vanessa might have bumped into Lily here and there just because of parties but that's likely the extent of it.

Nate and Clarice prolly would get along really well, especially if she's the type to stick up for him.

Danny and Vanessa could have a great casual romance if he does ask her out, and his pushover nature would make them even more compatible from Vanessa's perspective.

Vanessa prolly thinks Lily's too much of a nerd to be interested in her, but at the same time as you say I can't imagine she knows her all that well to begin with. That said Vanessa also has a jeep which she loves so if Lily was willing to tune that up for her from time to time then there might be a nice friendly business relationship going on.
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