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((Sandra Dyer continued from The Weekly Grind.))

They say that stealth is the essence of a good greeting. 'They', of course, being Sandra in this scenario. So when she saw Bryony sitting by herself at the Diamondback, she knew she had to say hi. You know, the Sandra way.

Actually, Sandra was hankering for some ice cream right now anyway. That Bryony was also there was just a coincidence, but a fine one all the same.

As she quietly tiptoed up to the girl, she noticed she was playing her 3DS. She peered over, being as careful as possible not to show her big, dumb grin in the reflection of Bryony's screen. Bryony was playing Shovel Knight, if she was remembering the name correctly. Even though Sandra didn't really consider herself a gamer, she knew a lot of people who were, so she liked to stay informed.

Sandra also knew that games were serious business, so she had to find a good time to attack, lest she be on receiving end of a fit of gaming anger.

She backed up a bit, crouched, then pulled her scarf up to cover her mouth, and crept toward Bryony.

She waited for a lull in the gaming action, then put herself close to Bryony's ear and whispered:

"Heeeeeeeeyyyyy, Bryonyyyyyyyyyy..."
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