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((Irene Djezari continued from The Weekly Grind))

Sarah Ramsey had one good period of girl's PE, falling in the sweet spot after lunch where one didn't feel heavy, had good energy, and just enough focus because the end of the day was still too far away to distract. Not that Irene ever really needed any help in the way of distraction. Irene's body was more a rectangle than an ellipse primarily due to her distinct lack of focus. Said bod was clad in a maroon-red T-shirt with a howling coyote emblazoned over it in gold, along with shorts a size too poofy that she'd been too stubborn to exchange out and thus always wore with the drawstrings throttling her hips.

She was briefly out of commission, waylaid by an unfortunate case of acute floor-to-the-face brought on by tripping over an untied shoelace while Miss Ramsey had them running laps of the gym. Irene was afforded a cushy rest, thanks to being one of the girls in Cochise who naturally had Miss Ramsey's sympathies. They'd first met before Irene's freshman year, incidentally meeting and a local competition meet back when Irene had still been a gymnast. Even when she'd stopped perusing the sport she still watched a smattering of televised events, enough to talk shop with her new high school PE teacher, who always looked kindly on Irene for the conversation and her amusing antics in the gym. Irene was already full-up on PE credits, she had taken an extra year just because it was an easy and fun class for her with a teacher on her side. Ever the burning torch of youth, a bit of hustle from day to day fanned Irene's flames nicely.

Irene was reclining against a wall, flight of fancy having produced her phone from her pockets and the Principia Mathematica in pdf form. The convoluted language of the English translation actually aligned rather well with the rather obtuse nature of Irene's thought processes. It was almost like her brain translated onto paper, but with far less crude jokes.

Newton's discourse on the nature of parallax prompted Irene to lift her eyes from the text and hold up a thumb between herself and the girls still being shepherded around the court. The left eye closed and the right open, then they switched states, Irene did this at a rapid pace while trying to see how parallax was affected against the repetitive motion of her peers. It was just idle curiosity and soon her eyes returned to the text, her brief inklings of scientific discovery shattered by an inability to make inquiries from what others would perceive as some dork in a ponytail repeatedly winking at them for no discernible reason.

Back to the text she followed along for a brief amount of time, but her mind rapidly continued to degenerate along increasingly irrelevant paths. Before long Irene had long lost any sort of consistent pace with the text. She was still absorbed in thought, still reading, but she wasn't exactly there, instead distracted increasingly by thoughts that went above and beyond the foundations of Newtonian Physics. What was for lunch? Would Sandra be open for some shredding later? Maybe someday modern science could bring Newton back from the grave and she hang with him? Maybe he'd have been a toxic-as-fuck League player if he'd lived today?

Lost in her gratuitous daydreams Irene failed to notice that Ramsey wanted her back to work, the PE teacher barking out her name sharply a few times for the rest of the assembled class to hear.

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