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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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Huh. Is that it?

Kim wanting to know about the comic made a lot of sense. The only query Jerry could have thought of was that she'd want to know something about the scribbles and runes on the whiteboard, and he was about 99.99% sure she was a lot better at math than he was. So, one question answered and one aspect of unease abated.

It then occurred to Jerry that if Kimikuluha or whatever her full name was could tell he was reading a comic, then others could potentially figure it out, and either Mrs. Brown could probably spot him too... or somebody nearby would rat him out. It was a horrible thought, a 'shitty' thought he would say, and Jerry decided he wasn't going to risk getting his comic book taken away by some disgruntled faculty member. He slid the comic off his lap and back into his bag.

I'll suffer through the last... I'unno, ten minutes. Who cares?

Picking up the bright pink mechanical pencil on his desk, Jerry scawled 'Suicide Squad' at the top of the page in what he deemed to be large lettering, then picked up the notebook and held it up in front of him as if to admire his handiwork... while giving the girl behind him a nice, clear look at what he'd just written in his less-than-impressive handwriting. Why she couldn't have just whispered her question was beyond him - she never seemed to talk all that much. Actually, the more Jerry thought back about it, he couldn't even remember what her voice sounded like. Weird.

Setting the notebook back down, Jerry settled himself in his seat and hoped that Kim's curiosity had been fully sated. He stared at the board and the magic Mrs. Brown was conjuring on it. Not a single minute in and with his eyebrows drooping, he suddenly wished she had ALL the questions for him.

Kill me. Oh god, kill me, I need this class to END!
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