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Mr. Danya
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A relationship thread? What're the chances?

Y'all know the drill by now, be my friend or mortal enemy or intimate lover or guy down the street from.

Nate Turner

Nate's a swimming and soccer team member (he's more casual about the former than the latter) cooking enthusiast, theatre nerd (though his acting still leaves something to be desired) and an active Christian, specifically Methodist. Nate's a very enthusiastic and hard working fellow who likes to get along with people by sharing these traits. He's also really really clingy when he gets anxious, and he has a fairly anxious disposition to begin with. He also has proportional dwarfism, which he's pretty insecure about.

Nate's looking for friends and foes alike. Friends can be born of shared interests, sympathy for his anxiety problems or just plain mutual like, but teasing him about his height (or frankly teasing him a lot in general) is probably more likely to upset him than anything, so those sort of friends may not be super sustainable. Foes can find any reason to be against him, either because he won't leave you alone when he's upset or just because he's so easy to upset in the first place.

+ Asher Glas ~ Soccer Bros
+ Clarice Halwood ~ Various topics buddy
+ Conrad Harrod ~ Swim team shenanigans
+ Jasper Bustamante ~ Christian Soccer Bros
+ Kaylee _____ (TBH's gal) ~ Drama geeks
+ Curtis _____ (TBH's dude) ~ Drama geeks
o Georgia Lee Day ~ Fellowship acquaentinces.
o Rod _____ (TBH's guy) ~ No strong feelings
o Samuel Howard ~ Amicable acquaentince
- Darius Van Dyke ~ Total Deeeeeeeeeeeck
- Haley Juarez ~ Insensitive jerk
- Cris ____ (TBH's guy) ~ Don't tell me what to do

Vanessa Stone

(Bit of a WIP still, some aspects are up for changing)

Local rocker, softball player and wild party gal, Vanessa has pretty poor impulse control and just goes for whatever she feels like doing, a lifestyle her dad enables with a very generous allowance to substitute for his constant absence from her life. She's generally used to having things revolve around her and getting her own way, but she's also a loyal friend who's quick to come to their aid, though she can be difficult about it if she has to sacrifice something important to do so.

Vanessa's also looking for friends and foes in general. She's already got a BFF through Cameron Herrig and is a member of legendary rock band Peyote Coyote, but she certainly needs friends from the softball team and other pals in general. Plenty of reason to get pissed off with her too and be an enemy, considering how much she wants things to go her own way with little disregard for people who might not have that luxury.

+ Danny Brooks ~ Casual buddies
+ Haley Juarez ~ Play hard all day erryday
+ Cris _____ (TBH's dude) ~ Sup, man?
+ Kaylee ____ (TBH's gal) ~ Casual buds
o Lily Caldwell ~ Potential go-to mechanic but otherwise indifferent.
o Rod _____ (TBH's dude) ~ Don't try to shut down my band.
o Curtis _____ (TBH's dude) ~ I'm supplied, thanks.
- Georgia Lee Day ~ Freakin' tryhard.
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Hey look I have a relationship thread

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