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In her mind's eye Irene envisioned herself falling backwards into the impressively toned arms of her senpai. A look would pass between them, Irene's chest softly rising and falling against her savior's delicate hands. Irene would reach up, a tiny quiver to her mouth as her mind raced for words that could express her gratitude. 'No need'. A beautifully deep yet realistically completely non-existent masculine voice anticipated Irene's every thought. The hold that wrapped around Irene like the china doll she was tightened, gentle but firm, body heat radiating between the two as Sandra's eyes twinkled in anticipation of her just award, a gift Irene would be all too eager to plant onto those firm, juicy... And then nine months later, the first child would be presented to them swaddled in soft alpaca furs and-

Okay no, fuck Sandra. Nobody owned her board save her. It had been a nice vision while it lasted though, if totally out of left field. It was well within her mental realm, these momentary segues that took an apparent eternity to slog through despite split second resolution. Was it a sign of genius? ADHD? Time dilation since Irene happened to be as infinitely dense as a black hole?

"Pretty much. I think we've fucked up more moves than usual today." Irene strode up to the girl who she had only moments ago been mentally constructing a lesbian love scene with. A hand was held out. "Return my thingy before I cap you. Kill you, I mean. Kiss. Wait. Shit." That got Irene to take a stuttering step back, wildly confused by her own inability to say words correctly. "Kick! That's the word." A blush played roguishly over her cheeks. She wasn't actually attracted to Sandra by any means, but damn was she caught up in the completely artificial moment.

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