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Sandra had, by this point in their friendship, gotten used to all of Irene's little quirks. She could, in fact, say that she'd embraced them. So Sandra didn't pay any mind when Irene started laughing out of nowhere. Sandra was almost tempted to laugh along, but decided against it.

As Sandra followed behind Irene to the hubba ledge, she paid close attention to what Irene was doing. Stair tricks were never Sandra's forte, so she wanted to see what Irene had in store for her.

And as she caught Irene skating back toward her, shouting something about being stupid, she could confidently say the answer was not that.

"Whoa now!"

Yes, Irene would come flying back into her arms! It would be like something from a romance novel! The scandals would spread around the school at a breakneck speed, and they'd have to hide, fugitives from the law or the man or whatever it was! They'd be hiding in dumpsters, trying to desperately continue their education from a trashed laptop that still somehow worked, leeching wi-fi from the nearby McDonald's!

Or not.

But on the plus side, Sandra got a new board!

"Man, fate is just not on either of our sides, today, huh?" Sandra called out, grabbing Irene's board.
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