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Why did I never decide to get prescription sunglasses again?

Bryony had assumed that, in her 17 years of being alive on this planet, she would have become accustomed to the Kingman heat at some point. As it turned out, this was a horrendously misguided assumption, because she still felt like she was sitting in an oven. The awning outside of The Diamondback went some way to alleviate this, but still, Bryony wished that the inside wasn’t packed.

It wasn’t even that hot of a day, all things considered.

Bryony’s bedroom had a fan in, and she wished that she was back home right now, sitting on her bed, idly doodling or watching the latest episode of Hell’s Kitchen. But Beth was in a particularly unpleasant mood, last time she’d checked; something about a failed test, or an ex-boyfriend, or something else not worth getting in such a fuss about. When she was in this sort of mood, the only thing that seemed to make her life better was making Bryony’s life worse, and no closed bedroom door was going to stop that. So that was how she had ended up here.

In all honesty, it probably would have been a smarter idea to have visited the museum again, seeing as it was generally a lot cooler inside there, but Bryony generally liked visiting with a sketchbook and pencil; or at the very least, a scrap of paper and pen. She’d also checked her purse after walking to the end of the street, to discover she only had enough money for the bus, entry to the museum or for ice cream. And really, who could say no to ice cream?

Bryony sighed, putting her elbow on the table in front of her, and her hand on her chin. With her other hand, she used her spoon to gently nudge her ice cream from side to side. She hated to admit it, but she was a little bored. Given how she was the polar opposite of sports inclined, and how too much exposure to the sun made her look like she was cosplaying a raspberry, good weather wasn’t too much of a draw for her.

Bryony looked down at the lurid blue ice cream sitting in front of her, holding up as well in the heat about as well as she was. Bubblegum flavour. Her favourite. The Diamondback almost never seemed to run out of it, either. Slowly, she took a spoonful and lifted it to her mouth, careful not to spill any on her new t-shirt, the Pentakill logo printed on the front.

Maybe one of her friends would pass by, or even better, be on a similar sort of ice cream hunt. That’d be nice. Just sitting here, idly chatting away and stuff. Yeah. Until that happened, though, there was one other way of staving off the boredom. Bryony fished about in her jeans pocket for a couple of seconds, before pulling out her 3DS, flipping it open, and angling herself so that the sun wasn’t shining directly on the top screen.

Propeller Knight wasn’t going to defeat himself, after all.


"bryony and alba would definitely join the terrorists quote me on this put this quote in signatures put it in history books" - Cicada Days, 2017
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