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Irene totally sympathized with the wrists thing. Felt a bit of a dull throb in her old bones reminding her of the many things she'd broken in the past. A fresh thorn into her back reminded her that some of those things had been broken all to recently.

"I'll take it easy when I'm dead, Dryer." Irene had overused that one the first time she'd come up with it. "Kay kay. Let's take this into my turf." She took off with nary a word and a double digit 'L' shot Sandra's way. Irene was looking kind of dumb with her finger and her thumb. And a sudden, overly loud "Ahahahaha!" The thrill of the chase, of potential glory (read, failure and death) carried her on, caused an arrogant laugh to burst from her lips. But even in this moment part of Irene's mind happily meandered. She wondered what her relationship with Sandra really was, mentor-ship in board arts aside. Maybe they were mutually competitive, but that meant little besides headaches and broken bones- mostly broken bones, really- without other common ground. Maybe-

Irene returned from Wonderland just in time to respond to the looming issue of stairs in front of her. It was four or five relatively narrow steps on this particular ledge, which was perfect for what she had in mind. The trick she'd been training above all others, primarily because her house had a stoop with a few steps so practice grounds were easily accessible. She ollied up, sticking her landing with nary a wobble. That of course was the easy part. Now she had to Faker back and smoothly roll over the stairwell in a fakie firecracker. Double tricks. That would probably be something that even Sandra would have no choice to be impressed by. Praise from senpai, one could say Irene's heart went doki doki...

But. She'd forgotten to account for the fact that Sandra had probably been following her, however, not until it was already possibly too late.

"Sandy, look out! I'm being stupid again!" Irene was torn in her split-second decision, whether to bail and ruin what would probably be the most flawless set up she'd be able to get for the rest of the day, or to keep going and risk becoming a bodily projectile. No time to think. As if she would have anyways. Without a backwards glance she swerved like fuck, messily hopping off her skateboard so it sort of pathetically puttered down the steps.

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