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((Alessio Rigano, Start))

Al was dreaming.

He dreamed about going home and to play some game. He needed to finish Rebirth badly anyways. He hasn't unlocked everything yet.

But before school could end, this lunch period must end. And then he had to go to class. After that he was free.

Alessio sat on a chair and had his green lunchbox on the table. There wasn't anything in the lunchbox anymore, though, as he just finished eating his cheese sandwich. His mother made this sandwich for him and man, he loved cheese. Bringing food from home definitely was more worth it than going to the cafeteria. It was cheaper, quicker and more delicious.

If Al had to spend money for food or coffee, he'd go to Vacanti's or at least Diamondback. But he'd just do that after school, cause lunch time usually was not enough time.

He looked around and had no idea what to do now. He stared at the clock and realised that he actually had enough time, way too much time.

Then he pulled out his 3x3 rubik's cube from his school bag, while putting his lunchbox back in. After shuffling it, he tried to solve it with one hand. Well, he was certainly not as fast as Zemdegs or Cantin, but he certainly improved since he began practising with one hand.

He began to silently hum "7 e 40" and stared at the cube which slowly began to be solved.
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