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Kimiko had lost track of what was going on. One of the underclassmen was picking up her pencil off the floor and had made a scene of it. Then Wayne got up to go to the toilet, normal things but for some reason they happened so close together. It was almost interesting. It was definitely more interesting than trigonometry. No one was ever going to confuse Mrs Brown for an interesting teacher.

As Wayne was moving though Jerry turned round and asked her what she wanted. Kimiko's first reaction was to start signing but she caught herself. Jerry probably didn't know sign language; in fact she would have been very surprised if he did. Instead she picked up her pen and quickly scribbled down a crude note, really not the stealthiest way to pass a message on.

Wat U Reading?

Yep grammar had gone out the window, but Kimiko was favouring speed. She kept the note low in the hope Mrs Brown wouldn't see. It would be such a stupid thing to get caught for. Really wasn't worth the effort but she had committed to the plan now. Either everything went off without a hitch (unlikely) or she and Jerry got caught (likely). Kimiko was hoping for option one but you could never really be too sure. Regardless as soon as she was happy Jerry had read the note, she didn't wait very long it was one and two thirds words. She crumpled it up and slid it into her bag, disguising the movement as retrieving a bottle of water. So very subtle of her.
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