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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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Christ, that face. That wasn't at me, was it?

Some random underclassmen girl (her name was called at the beginning of every class because attendance was a thing, but fuck all if he could remember what it was) had been crawling around and junk off to the side for like, an hour. Or maybe it was around ten seconds, time tended to get all distorted like that when inside a boring classroom. Now that she was back in her seat, she slung a look in what appeared to be Jerry's direction. He wished he hadn't been looking at the time, but it was kind of hard not to with all the previous distractions and crap.

Then Wayne spoke up, saying what Jerry had wished he thought of ten seconds ago.

"Oh oh, actually I need to go too-"

"Wayne's first, Mr. Fury. There's one girl's pass and there's one boy's pass." The words made Jerry's heart sink. If only it would sink hard enough to strike his bladder, that'd show his freaking teacher. Seemed like there'd be no escaping this hell for at least another...

He looked at the clock.

Ten minutes. Oh, oh thank sweet Jesus, we can survive ten minutes.

He still had his comic book, after all, and he hadn't even really gotten into it. Surely that could keep his attention, given there was nothing else to do in this damned class. Well, besides pay attention to what was going on the board and actually learning. Then again, Jerry had decided long ago that avenue just hadn't worked out for him. He'd simply pester somebody else later to give him some one-on-one help with the homework, and that'd be enough for him to pull a passing test grade out of his ass. Worked every time.

Oh. Right. What the hell did she want?

While Wayne was getting himself situated, Jerry craned his neck around, deciding to get it another ol' college try.

"Yeah?" He whispered.
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