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Wayne stared at the back of the girl's head for a moment, his expression unchanged.

It wasn't as if he'd been trying to make a mess out of her desk. Hell, she hadn't read the note. That would have probably at least explained it. Maybe. Probably not. He shifted, then slouched slightly lower in his seat.

It didn't matter. Everyone would forget about this soon enough, anyway.

He glanced over at Kimiko, partly out of boredom, partly to distract himself, and noticed that she seemed to be checking Jerry out. That surprised him. While Jerry might have a nice butt - Wayne didn't particularly care for the line of thought - Mrs. Brown's class was a mood-killer like nothing else. Yeah, okay, it was still something to do other than pay attention to trig, but surely Kimiko had better options than Jerry. He supposed he could consider muscles other than the brain; in that case, Jerry was actually pretty well put together-

Forget it. He wasn't even going to ask.

His eyes wandered back to the board, then to the back of the junior girl's head again.

Wayne hesitated. Then he scribbled something on a loose scrap of paper, waited a moment, and, beginning to regret the idea already, raised his hand.

"Can I go to the bathroom?"
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