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Alice wasn't fond of what happened next.

An object flew through the air and bounced off Alice's desk, startling her and knocking her pencil onto the ground. Looking around, Alice came to the conclusion that another paper ball had been thrown, and that it had been thrown by Wayne, a senior a few seats over. Alice reached out to grab her pencil back, but it was a little out of reach. She looked over at Mrs. Brown, who seemed focused on the lesson, and stood up to pick up her pencil.

"Alice?" The quizzical voice of Mrs. Brown caught Alice's attention, just as she got onto her knees and reached for her pencil, which seemed to have rolled under the teacher's desk. Alice looked up, and like a deer in headlights froze at the sudden attention being drawn to her. Her face blushed.

"I..." she said, trying to justify herself. It really wasn't a big deal, but she found herself painfully tongue-tied. "What are you doing?" Mrs. Brown asked as Alice stood up with pencil in hand and brushed some dust off her blouse. "Did you drop something?"

"Yes." Alice said, glad she didn't have to do all the talking. She sat down in her seat again. Mrs. Brown returned to the lesson, but Alice now had a bone to pick. Sort of. She wanted to confront the boy who threw the paper ball at her; after all, she hadn't done anything to him, so why throw something at her?

On the other hand, Alice didn't want to go and start something with him; he was bigger and older, and she wasn't exactly confident in her ability to stand up to him if she tried to talk to him. She was too shy for that. So she settled for shooting him a quick glare before returning to her notes, trying to reorient herself to understanding the information on the board.
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