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The plan had been going fine, she had gotten Jerry's attention and he'd turned round. But then someone else threw some paper because of reasons and he turned back around. It was annoying and one of the times Kimiko really wished she could speak. It would have been so much easier to just whisper to him and ask what he was reading. She didn't have that option though. Instead she had to jump through a load of extra hoops just to ask a simple question. She frowned and rested her head on her hand as she went back to watching the board.

Mrs Brown had turned around at the sound of Jerry moving but was back to writing about Trigonometry. Kimiko sighed. There was no way she could get Jerry's attention again without there being an issue. Mrs Brown also wasn't a teacher you wanted thinking you were messing around. She was the strictest teacher in the school bar none. If she thought you were messing around you were gone. So it was better for Kimiko in the long run to just give up.

She was still interested in what Jerry was reading though which left her in the awkward spot of occasionally glancing down to see if she could get a peak. It just made it seem like she was looking at his ass. Not something she wanted anything to do with. It looked like DC, since it seemed to be in their more weighty art style, but the style of the art wasn't a reliable way of telling unless it was unique to a certain series. That was due to the way artists seemed to be shuffled on and off books by the big companies. Kimiko sighed again. She wished she had a comic she could read.
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