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Irene cursed Karma, something she hadn't done since the spring playoffs of 2014's LCS season. Did she deserve this and more for her hubris and arrogance? Probably. Didn't mean it didn't hurt. If she'd somehow had the ability to summon a giant flaming sword from thin air she would have stabbed her pain. In the face. But unfortunately her pain had no face nor corporeal form, so here she was, busily resting not in peace.

"Fuck you, I'm insubordinating." Probably not a proper verb as far as Miriam-Webster was concerned. "Uuuuugh." Nor that. Irene made a spectacle of herself reaching for Sandra's hand. The fallen man reaching to his comrade desperately, gritting his teeth against the pain as violins softly swelled in the background. There was even a bit of a tremble in her hand, though that may actually have been due to pain rather than misplaced theatrics.

It still hurt more than a bit, right at the base of her tailbone. That was to say, her ass was sore as hell. Irene was tenderly rubbing at the sweet spot above her non-facial cheeks. In broad daylight. Well, as daylight as it actually was with the cloud cover.

"Can we take five? Like, five hours?"

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