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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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It was all Jerry could do to keep the heat building up on his cheeks down to a reasonable level. Once Mrs. Brown had turned back to the board, he finangled with the pages of the comic until he turned back to what he was sure was the first page. Turns out it was just just filler stuff after all.

Well, wait, then that means this opening is still confusing as-

Something light but irritating struck the back of his neck, tickling and bothering and moving down underneath the collar of his shirt. Giving a sharp gasp, he flung his hand up to smack at whatever had just landed on him, fingers blindly groping and reaching as whatever it was nearly made an escape down the back of his shirt. As his fingertips closed around it, Jerry pulled his hand out and around to in front of him, and it was only at this time that it occurred to him that, hey, maybe he was grabbing a bee.

Good news, not a bee. Bad... well, less good news, it was a crumpled ball of paper.

Well whaddindafuck!?

Mrs. Brown and her math lesson forgotten for the moment, Jerry cranked his neck around to see Kikkiman or Kiniku or whatever the fuck her name was, he just usually called her Kimmy. Pretty sure she was Chinese or Japanese or something, he had never bothered to ask. Given her eyes were focused pretty much directly at him and not on the board, either she was intrigued by his frantic dance to catch the 'bug' that had assaulted his neck, or she was the one that threw it. He was taking a shot in the dark and guessing the latter.

Resisting the urge to call out his befuddlement, Jerry settled for gesturing a 'what gives!?' with his hand. What did she want? Obviously it wasn't to copy off of his homework; first thing first, Jerry was horrible at math and second, Kimmy was typically good at it. Of course she was. Stereotypes were stereotypes for a reason. She was probably kick-ass at DDR too, but this wasn't the time or the place to ask.

Then, of course, somebody ELSE had to go and throw a piece of paper. At fist Jerry though it was coming for him and he flinched wildly, jerking so hard that his seat, and the desk it was attached to, shifted with a loud squeak. Fucking idiot, the HELL!? Jerry mentally shouted, twisting around to face the board before their teacher inevitably got pissed. He swore, if a paper fight broke out...

Who am I kidding? I can fight back with the rest of them. Juuuuuuust wait.
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