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Any frustration that Sandra may have felt from her wipe out and the subsequent teasing from Irene was erased instantly as she followed in her wake. Sandra's scowl shifted to that of a grin briefly, even as she tried not to. It seemed that karma had arrived to shift the balance of the world back in check.

Sandra got her butt off from the board and kicked it up into her hand. The stinging in her shins and the pounding of her rear did little to abate the feeling of excitement and pride she'd felt for herself. Up until she'd been sneak attacked by that pesky rail, she'd gotten it down pat. So really, it was the rail's fault. That rail was out to get her, and she would get her revenge. She kicked and yelled and pulled out a giant flaming sword and hacked the rail to bits.

In her imagination, of course.

"Come on soldier," she said as she approached her fallen comrade. She held her hand out, inviting the other girl to take it, to try again, to stare into the abyss and jump headlong screaming that she wouldn't give up, to use the lifeline that she'd been given in front of her, to use that 1-up she'd purchased from the app store for only 99 cents wow that metaphor got away from her really quickly.

"There's more work to be done."
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