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((Wayne Cox: Pregame Start))

His pencil scratched on paper.

YO, what're you doing? that was really obvious, you know

Wayne faked stretching, then lobbed his own paper ball aimed at Kimiko's desk when he felt no one was paying attention to him. Especially Mrs. Brown - he made extra, super sure in her case. This was the worst class to be doing this in, if he was being honest with himself. Mrs. Brown was strict as hell when she wanted to be. Which was always.

Anyway, the throw was sideways, no technique, which is probably why the ball missed where it was supposed to go. Missed really wide, actually. While he winced internally, it bounced once or twice on some quiet girl's desk before finally rolling to a stop. She was a junior, he was pretty sure. That only served to further remind him that as one of the seniors in the class, he was pretty terrible at math.

Awkward on all counts.

Wayne went back to staring at the board. Sure, the distraction was welcome. But he had the uncomfortable feeling that he should be taking notes and passing the class instead of taking the class and passing notes.
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