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L stared at Fiyori, then at the jumpsuit. She commented that the green of the dress was a good color. Fiyori stared back at L. Okay. Fine. Fiyori was no expert. L, however, was even less of one. Seriously, what was that thing on her head? A sun hat? A florist's diarrhea? Gaia reincarnating on L's head? The woman, at least, was conscious of that fact, and quickly removed the hat. Fiyori chuckled a bit.

Nadia fetched a new piece in the meanwhile. Something that screamed retro but could be modernized? Uh, that was too high for Fiyori. The dress shirt she pulled out though. Man, that was a nice one. Fiyori could imagine wearing it herself. No wait, she probably had a similar one in her closet. Maybe. Should probably sort stuff out eventually and clear some room.

She continued to chuckle a bit: "Yeah, that's true. Much better."

Then, in a swift motion she extended her arm towards L.

"Ah, your hat by the way. Looks terrible, mind giving it me for a moment?"
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