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Alice had just glanced up from her notebook drawings when she noticed Jerry asking a question. Something about a squiggly line and how to get to it. He seemed very confused, which, given his apparent distractions was unsurprising. If he was going to read during class, he ought to be prepared for this kind of thing happening, especially if he was going to draw attention to himself.

Still, Alice shouldn't judge. She wasn't exactly the most focused student either, given her lovely rose drawing. Hardly mathematical.

Suddenly, a rapid movement through the air caught Alice's eye, and her head instinctively whipped over just in time to see a small sphere of crumpled paper fly through the air at Jerry. Alice scanned the room for the thrower, but amongst the sudden reaction of the other students she couldn't pick out who threw it.

She hoped Mrs. Brown couldn't, either. This was not going to end well for them.
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