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((Kimiko Kao, start))

If there was one thing Kimiko had always wanted to set the record straight on, it was the whole Asians are good at math stereotype. East Asians to be specific, so in most people’s eyes that was the Japanese and the Chinese. A group she unfortunately fell into due to being from Taiwan. Specifically Chinese, something she hated and didn't like being called, she identified herself as Taiwanese and wanted to be called that. But she was getting off her point; the stereotype was annoying and incorrect, like most stereotypes. It was just a cultural difference putting greater importance on achievement in school that made it seem like East Asians were magically all good at math without putting work in. Ignoring the fact they studied hard to be good at their classes.

For her part Kimiko was not good at math. It wasn't her favorite subject and she had to put major work into it to maintain her grade. It annoyed her when people assumed she just walked into class every day and already knew everything. For example trigonometry, most people tended to just zone out and forget that there was only a set answer things could be. All the interior angles of a triangle added up to 180 degrees, so once you got two it was basic subtraction to get the third. The functions were just ways to get you there.

Regardless Kimiko was "good" at math. That was why she had no choice but to face palm when Jerry spoke up in front of her. Jerry was alright but he was loud and obnoxious quite often. The issue wasn't that he was asking a question. She wasn't that bitchy. It was how pointless it was. He didn't actually ask a question...and did he have a comic on his lap. That was more interesting than Mrs. Brown’s class. Now she just had to see what it was. It was more awkward for her since she couldn't actually speak. Instead Kimiko had to resort to that age old trick of ripping a corner of your paper off. Crumpling it into a ball she aimed at the back of Jerry's head and threw, hoping her time playing basketball growing up wouldn't let her down.
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