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Lily's mouth tightened a little at the sarcastic salute, but she didn't say anything. She instead started checking the items on the clothing rack she'd put the jacket on. Couldn't hurt. There were some nice clothes. Most of it wouldn't fit or wasn't her style, but it was still nice.

She listened absently to the conversation with one ear. She didn't mean to eavesdrop, but the conversation was right there. She only looked up again when she heard Fiyori—Fiyori, was it? Different grade, but vaguely familiar—speak.

Harsh words. If Lily had said something like that her grandmother would have lectured her for several minutes.

Lily tilted her head a little, staring at Fiyori with her eyebrows scrunched together again for a moment. Then she looked at the jumpsuit Nadia(?) was holding for a moment, considering it carefully, before speaking.

“It's not bad. Green's a good colour.” Lily left out the part about it reminding her of a tablecloth.

As she spoke, she realised she was still wearing the ridiculous 'more plastic flowers than hat' sunhat and removed it, tucking the hat behind her back, before trying to neaten her severe hat hair with her fingers.
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