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Another girl appeared - Lola... or Lily, Fiyori wasn't that good with names - and slid past Fiyori to pick up the jacket. Huh. Fiyori send a short baffled glance at... L. Didn't look like she worked here, but whatever. Fiyori gave her a small mockery of a salutation in thanks and listened to Nadia again.

It was for a blog or for a portfolio, Nadia elaborated. A result of this retro stuff being fashionable now in 2015. Fiyori pondered who the hell decided these things, given that she was sure all this retro-stuff has been around for, dunno, the decade at least. Mostly on fat chicks, if she recalled right, but not that she cared much. See, this was why she wasn't the expert.

Seeing the - what was the term again? Jeez, Nadia just said it - thing she grabbed from the racks, Fiyori could not help but furrow her eyebrows. Was that really 'in'? She eyed the example sceptically and eventually let out a small puff of air.

"I retract my statement. This looks horrible."
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