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Sandra didn't believe in simply popping an ollie onto a rail. Well she did, before she got good enough to chain tricks together. But now, that stuff was for plebs.

"Alright, let's get the show started," she said, as she approached a rail.

She popped herself upward, shifting her front foot diagonally to kick the board around. As the board came back around, she brought her feet down, keeping her weight on her back foot and leaning slightly back. As she approached the end of rail, she wound up her upper body, and the instant before the back truck left the end, she twisted, bringing her body and the board around. She landed on the back wheels and shifted around to keep everything else off the ground.

There it was. A perfect... well decent, kickflip tailgrind to 180 fakie manual. Her technique could be slightly better but...

"You see that, Irene? That's how we do it in- oh shit!"

Of course, the instant Sandra's focus went anywhere other than her skateboard was the instant that another rail snuck up on her, clipping the back of her shins and sending her over the rail to land her butt on the board.

"Fuckin'... I call mulligan on that! Fuck!"
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