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It felt good to be called an expert. Nadia had to admit she was glad Fiyori took her advice. Kingman was kind of a dead-end in terms of beauty, so if she could help one person look better than most of the populace, she could take it. Of course, she did have to raise an eyebrow as the girl tossed the jacket to the floor.

"Okay then," she muttered to herself.

Another girl came by to pick up the jacket. She looked like someone else from school, although Nadia couldn't immediately remember who she was. Nadia turned back to Fiyori.

"Yeah, vintage photo shoot. There's a lot of vintage trends coming about, so I want to take some pictures wearing some old style clothing that's sort of in right now. Basically, denim, fringe, jumpsuits, that sort that the fashion industry decided is cool again. The kind of thing that would be good for my blog or for a portfolio."

Nadia turned back to the rack of clothes and began to push things aside. That's when she noticed a jumpsuit hanging from a rack. She pulled it out and did a quick look over. It looked pretty interesting to her. It had spaghetti straps with a slightly low neckline, with a green and white check print on it. The length was about right for her as well, so she probably wouldn't trip wearing it. Nadia held it up in front of her, showing it to Fiyori.

"Something like this, for example."
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