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((Lillian "Lily" Caldwell - Pregame Start))

Vintage stores had the best sunhats. Lily could find sunhats in other places, of course. But vintage shops had the nicest ones. Flowers and bows and whatnot.

This one might have been reaching the realm of the absurd, though. It had so many flowers on top that it looked like she was wearing a bouquet. Lily gazed at a mirror and tugged the brim slightly, trying to see if that made it look any less shrub-like.

She didn't even notice there were other kids in here until Fiyori threw the jacket.


Lily turned at the noise, hands still holding the brim of the sunhat, and saw the jacket on the floor. Her eyebrows scrunched together slightly at the sight. She let go of the brim and walked over.

“Excuse me,” she said quietly, sliding past the girl who'd thrown it before picking the jacket up. She brushed it off before hanging it back on the clothing rack.

Leaving clothing this nice on the floor just didn't sit well.
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