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((Alice Baker continued from Rain, Rain, Go Away))

Alice did not enjoy math. It was frustratingly regulated, formulaic (in the most literal of ways) and unappealing to an artistic mind. She didn't have a head for the formulas and methods and rules, and there was little else to it that she could rely on to pull herself up. Plus, Mrs. Brown's lessons were terribly dry and uninteresting, which made it hard to focus. So it was little surprise that she found herself doodling a flower when she was supposed to be taking notes.

With a gentle stroke of Alice's fingers, the stem of the rose was complete, leaving just the petals to work on. Alice bit her lower lip thoughtfully, and then began the process of sketching in the front most petal, using stunted and wobbly lines to give it a feel of organic material rather than plastic. She slid her pencil around in a loop, completing the outside petal.

Glancing up from her sketchpad, Alice looked around the classroom. She couldn't help but notice the distinct lack of attentive students, most of whom seemed to be losing interest in Mrs. Brown's lesson like Alice. Jerry, sitting nearby Alice, even seemed to be reading a comic book under his desk. Alice stifled an amused chuckle and smirked. Then she went back to drawing.
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