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"Yep, yep. You've done well, young grasshopper," Sandra said, before taking another bite of her sandwich. She was half tempted to pat Irene's head jokingly, but she didn't feel like getting bread crumbs in her friend's hair.

Instead she opted for a quick thumbs up.

"Please hold while I finish refueling myself," Sandra stated, with the sandwich halfway in her mouth already. She was almost done, anyway, so it wouldn't take long.

Sure enough, Sandra soon dusted her hands of crumbs before gripping her board. A quick push got her to her feet, and they began to bring her to her destination: the grind rails. She dragged the board behind her, and with a quick step she threw the board down. Upside-down, of course.

The board popped over onto its wheels, and Sandra hopped onto it, giving it another push.

"C'mon, don't get left behind!" she called out behind her.
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