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She laughed. Internally, that is. Her mouth just turned upside for a moment at Nadia's remark. Licking and naming them, huh? Fiyori could actually see people do just that. Probably only when nobody's around and looking. Licking clothes in a store surely meant you had to buy them. Hopefully.

Nadia mentioned that she only looked for stuff so that she could have a vintage photo shooting. Fiyori wasn't sure what exactly she had to imagine, but she got the base of it down. Nadia, one of these chicks who dreamed of being glamorous and chic and what have you. A model, in short. Honestly, Fiyori thought it was dumb as fuck - but again, nobody asked for her thoughts. Fortunately.

Then, she began commenting on Fiyori's current choice of clothing. The ribboned polka dot dress was cute, duh. She knew so. The jacket was not fitting, though... apparently.

"Well, you're the expert."

Fiyori looked to the side, identifying a clothing stand nearby. She aimed shortly, and threw the jacket.

It missed. Fell on the floor.

She shrugged and gave Nadia her attention again.

"So... vintage photo shoot, huh?"
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