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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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Nadia felt a sudden silence take over the room as a person responded to her comment. "You sound pretty creepy" was not something that Nadia had hoped to be told (nor did she realize she was speaking loud enough to be heard), so that person's comment led to a furrowing of the brow and a pursing of the mouth. She turned to the person who called her out on her language, raising an eyebrow. The girl was Fiyori Senay, one of her classmates from school. They were in the same grade, but didn't really hang out with the same social circles. She didn't think someone like Fiyori would be all that interested in vintage clothing, so that was something new to learn today.

"If I wanted to be creepy," Nadia said, "I could lick the outfits and call them names. Fortunately, I'm not that materialistic, so you don't have to worry. I'm just looking for some vintage clothing for a photo shoot."

Nadia took a quick look over Fiyori. Fiyori had grabbed a black dress with white polka dots, something that looked good with her skin and hair. Nadia eyed the red jacket Fiyori was holding in her hand.

"Just my thought, but I don't think that jacket would work with the dress. If it was a lighter colored dress or a darker jacket, maybe it would work. It's a cute dress, though."
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