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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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(Jerry Fury: Round 1, fight!)

The period right before lunch... yeah, that was always the worst one. So of course, as some sort of sick joke, somebody decided they were going to schedule a trigonometry class at that exact period, and have Jerry sit in it. That had to be what happened, right? These things didn't just happen on accident.

Four rows back and two files away from the door, Jerry Fury sat, surrounded by his classmates. His head slumped forward, cheeks pushed up in sharp creases by his hands in a desperate bid to keep it from crashing down onto his desk. Every so often he'd tug at one of the curls of his hair. He found the little twinge of pain kept him awake, but he wasn't sure how long he could rely on that trick over and over again before he started pulling his hair out.

"So... very... boring..." he mouthed at just under a whisper, his eyes wandering just about anywhere except what was on the whiteboard. Mrs. Brown seemed awfully focused on the vague squiggles and shapes she was drawing with those dry-erase markers. In fact, she seemed focused enough that Jerry was sure she wouldn't notice if he just slipped his hand into his backpack, which was tucked messily under his desk.

He felt around until he felt the tell-tale glossy feel of a soft cover, and pulled his hand out carefully to retrieve a comic book he pilfered from his brother's place. Tucking the cover and the first few pages of filler behind the rest of the book, Jerry rested the comic on his lap and began to read, tucking his chin to read a few panels, glance at the board like he was waking up from one of his sleep-struggles... then tuck his chin down again. As long as he could manage to look up every once in a while, Mrs. Brown shouldn't care.

In theory, anyway.
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