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[Fiyori Senay, continued from Rain, Rain, Go Away]

"You sound pretty creepy... you know that?"

Fiyori emerged from one of the changing cabins. A red jacket - an incredibly lively and intense red - held loosely in her hand, she approached Nadia. Fiyori went shopping for new shoes just a few moments ago. In fact, she already had what she wanted - a pair of new boots that would hopefully leave her feet warm until proper Arizonan weather kicks in. Then she saw one of these strange vintage shops and figured she'd pay a visit.

Coincidentally, just as Fiyori was busy with trying on that cute black dress with the white polka dots and the bow as well that one red jacket... actually, no it was probably not a coincidence to suddenly overhear Nadia saying such strange stuff as 'who will live a second life with her' or whatever. Was the kinda person really into fashion stuff. Too much, if somebody asked Fiyori, but people were wise enough not to do so.

"Yo. What's up?"

She raised her arm as a greeting.
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