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Skateboard against bench.

Helmet on bench.

Butt on bench.

And Sandra was ready for her break!

She popped open the can of Coke she'd bought and took a few big gulps, as she looked out onto the park proper. It was unusually quiet Saturday at the park, as she could only count three or four other people riding around. That was two people on skateboards, and two on bikes. Well, at least they were actually using the pipes and the rails to do tricks, unlike on some occasions where there would be a bunch of kids on scooters, riding around at the bottom of the pipe.

Oh god, the kids on scooters. Some weekends, Sandra couldn't even get to use the pipes at all. Like, what was the point of the pipes if people were just going to ride at the bottom? Couldn't they... oh who knows, ride somewhere else?

Sandra wasn't hating on those kids, really, but it was just a frustrating situation.

But that was a tangent. On this occasion, there weren't that many people, which meant that Sandra was able to get good mileage out of the pipes.

Sandra fished out her phone, checking the time. It was currently 3:48 PM. She put her phone away, then dug through her bag and pulled out a sandwich.

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