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"Alright. Who's going to fit my aesthetic?"

Nadia's eyes narrowed as she looked at the selection of clothing on the rack before her. Before her were a series of dresses, coats, and shirts from eras past. To her left was a fixture filled with old style hats, while her right held a glass case of antique jewelry. For Nadia, wandering through an antique store like this was like finding a chest of pirate gold. It held so much promise, opportunity, and beauty, and she was going to get her hands on it.

For most of her early life, Nadia wasn't that excited by "granny clothes" she could find in antique stores. To her, they looked stiff, itchy, and just plain antiquated. When put on her, such as when her parents made her go to church or dress up for visiting her grandparents, she thought that kind of formal clothing made her look ridiculous. They never felt that free, and her heavy size just made any print overwhelm her.

However, as she got older, she came to appreciate vintage clothing a lot more. Every so often, she'd visit an antique store in Kingman and try to pick up a vintage style outfit or some old jewelry. It could lead to some creative expression or provide unique materials for a photo shoot.

Her mission today was for the latter. Now that she had some extra pocket change following Christmas, Nadia could pay a visit to a local antique store and find something cool to wear. She had done her research following Fashion Week 2014 and had found the trends that were going to be key come Spring and Summer 2015. Etro and Chloe' had hippie style dresses walk their runways, jumpsuits were (somehow) in, and Burberry made denim cool again, and not just something Nadia expected the white trash of Kingman to wear to a wedding.

Nadia had her mental list in her mind as she began to shift the clothing down the racks. There had to be something she could use in her next photo shoot. Something that would allow her to play with old hairstyles and makeup, or at least emulate old models like Bettie Page or Twiggy. The ideas and possibilities were enough to make Nadia salivate, but she made sure she wouldn't stoop so low to do something like that in public, so she held to a sense of decorum.

"Come on," she muttered to herself, "who's going to find a second life with me?"
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