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Name: Nadia Riva
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Grade: Senior
School: Cochise High School
Hobbies and Interests: Photography, modeling, reading fashion magazines, reading socially conscious literature and magazines, volunteering, yoga, jogging, blogging.

Appearance: Nadia stands at 5'10” and weighs 160 pounds. Nadia is considered plus sized, with a pronounced bust and curvy hips. She takes steps to ensure she doesn't put on too much weight, mainly through watching her diet and regular exercise. As a result, she is a bit built, with little body fat. Nadia has a heart shaped face with slightly round cheeks. She is one quarter Japanese, so her eyes are small and dark. Her nose is small, with her right nostril pierced. Nadia takes great care for her appearance, so her lightly tanned skin is always clear and her teeth are white and straight. Her ears are pierced three times each, with two piercings on the earlobe and one auricle piercing. Her hair was originally black but was dyed to a dark brown a year earlier. Her hair is razor cut to about three inches past shoulder length, with bangs resting above her threaded eyebrows.

Nadia likes fashion and will change her personal style up, but does keep to a few similar styling methods. She likes to show off her body in warmer weather, usually wearing low cut shirts and tank tops with shorts and short skirts. In colder weather, she likes to cover up a bit more, usually preferring button up shirts and cardigans and longer skirts and pants. She has a fondness for gothic style clothing, so a lot of her clothing is dark colored. She does wear brighter colored clothing when she feels up for it. She owns a lot of shoes, ranging from sandals to sneakers to boots to high heels. She also likes to wear multiple rings and bracelets when she can, and usually wears a silver cross pendant despite not being too religious. Nadia also makes sure to wear makeup whenever she goes out. She prefers to wear mascara in a cat eye style and likes to wear red lipstick.

Biography: Nadia Juliette Riva was born on April 8, 1997 to Michael and Honoka Riva in Kingman, AZ. She is the younger of two siblings, having an older sister, Rochelle, who is three years older than her. Michael works in creative advertising at a local advertising firm. Honoka was a fashion photographer in her younger days but has since retired to be a homemaker in Kingman. The Rivas live in a comfortable middle class home, although Rochelle currently lives in Los Angeles, attending UCLA and pursuing a career in modeling.

As a child, Nadia was always interested in her mom’s former career as a fashion photographer. Nadia liked to take pictures and read fashion magazines, and often dreamed of being a model or photographer when she grew up. However, Nadia realized how difficult it would be due to her weight. As a kid, Nadia was a heavy child, mostly from poor eating habits and minimal exercise. Throughout elementary school, Nadia was often teased for her weight, something that made her fear that she couldn’t model when she got older.

Because of this, Nadia spent most of her youth focusing more on the photography side of fashion. She tried to get more into the artistic side of photography, learning how to create the best photos she could by playing with lighting, costuming, and such. Because of the bullying, Nadia also became a little more reclusive. She began to lash back at people who teased her, something that got her in trouble a few times. Her parents often tried to help her learn to deal with the bullying in better ways. She did make an effort in order to not worry her parents, but still found herself lashing back at anyone who made fun of her.

Despite this, Nadia was able to have friends in elementary school. She found herself drawn to outcasts and other artistic kids. Around her friends, Nadia is a little more cheerful, although still a bit snarky and blunt at times. She does care about her friends and does try to ensure that they can trust and rely on her. This also allowed her to find subjects for her photography.

When Nadia entered middle school, she decided to try and get into modeling. Knowing her weight was going to be holding her back, she decided to start taking care of her body better. She decided to go vegetarian and began exercising more. Nadia likes to go jogging every morning before school and after school and also began taking yoga classes. This caused her to lose a lot of weight, but still kept her a bit curvy. As a result, Nadia has had to adjust her modeling plans to be a successful plus sized model.

Because she lost a lot of weight, Nadia also became a lot more comfortable in her own skin. She started wearing clothing that accentuated or showed off her figure. She also began to discover an interest in goth fashion towards the end of middle school. She really liked dark clothing and thought the goth aesthetic was something she could make look good on her. As a result, she got extra piercings on her ears and a nose piercing.

Upon entering high school, Nadia began to become a lot more socially conscious. She started to pay attention to a lot of world events and social topics and became a lot more outspoken. She started reading feminist literature and became more active, participating in protests and writing commentary online. Nadia believes it’s important to stand up for the disenfranchised and to help those who are weighed down by society, particularly women, people of color, and LGBT individuals. While this has helped her gain some friends, it has turned some people away from her since she can get very outspoken at times.

It was also in high school that Nadia tried to get her start in professional modeling. She started going to local auditions for commercials and photo shoots and attempted to start a portfolio. Nadia hasn’t had a whole lot of success due to the limited opportunities in Kingman. She has managed to appear in a local pizza shop commercial, but hasn’t gotten as many print opportunities. She does continue to do photography and started a blog to publish her work. She sends her work out to magazines and agencies around the country in hopes that she can get signed or featured.

In school, Nadia gets passing grades in all her classes. She is particularly strong in social studies and English, although she wants to do better in math. She does take school very seriously and tries not to fall behind in her studies or turn in late assignments. While this has made her very goal driven, it does stress her out if she feels she's unable to accomplish her tasks in a timely or efficient manner. She isn’t involved in a lot of clubs, although she does get involved in social activist groups at her school. Nadia does have a few friends in school, mostly other goth kids and artistic kids. She likes to find interesting people to photograph or to use for photo shoot ideas she has. However, her outspoken and snarky nature has given her a few enemies, particularly from those she considers annoying or who disagree with her values. She does try to control her temper, since she doesn’t want to repeat a lot of the issues she had in elementary school.

Nadia is hoping to leave Kingman behind when she graduates. Nadia has grown tired of the limited opportunities in Kingman and wants to be able to pursue a career in a more exciting city. Her plan is to go to Los Angeles for school and stay with her sister. She hopes to find work as a model or a photographer, but also plans to study sociology and social work. If she can’t work in fashion, her hope is to work for a non-profit or an NGO.

Advantages: Nadia is in decent shape from her jogging and yoga. She is fairly loyal to those she is close to, so she will be willing to help those who she trusts. Nadia is also very goal driven and can work hard for the things she wants.
Disadvantages: Nadia has a mouth, and that can turn people against her. She is also someone who can lose her temper if pushed too far, which could lead to issues. While Nadia is very goal driven, she can also get easily stressed out if she feels she's unable to accomplish her goals.
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